Dr. Vinita Krishna | Department of General Management


Dr. Vinita
Assistant Professor
Department of General Management
School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)
B020D, Shiv Nadar University
Noida Uttar Pradesh
Profile Summary 

In an era of multi and interdisciplinary research, I am lucky to be teaching and guiding research in Management of Intellectual Property rights (IPRs) after completing Ph.D. from DMS, IITDelhi. My tryst with Intellectual Property(IP) training after being awarded the DST Fellowship,motivated me to pursue a Ph.D. degree from DMS,IIT Delhi. I possess two NET qualifications ( NET-UGC and NET- ASRB) and more than 20 years of experience as  a teacher, researcher, writer and an IPR professional, I have worked in both public (TIFAC, ICMR) and private (NGO) sectors.

As a Faculty of Mgmt, I am trying to integrate  IP with all the core areas of Mgmt: Marketing, Strategy, HR and Finance.
My prime areas of research are strategic IP issues for Companies business models, Management of Innovation/Technology, IP and Open innovation as a Flexibility Tool in Sustainable Business Model. 
Currently, I am also exploring the area of IP analytics for developing business insights/competitive intelligence. Social impact of IPRs is a new penchant in the area of research. However, I keep myself open to other promising areas as well.

My journey as a writer has touched upon topics of science, climate change, various aspects of IPR policy 
& management themes predominantly strategy. I have presented diverse papers in India and abroad (London,Singapore, Cambridge, Germany) and kept abreast with the developments in my area.

I am keen to guide Ph.D.(full/part-time) in the area of Intellectual Property(Strategy and Management); Innovation(Open innovation); Sustainable Entrepreneurship/Startups.

In my leisure time, I love to sing, sketch/ paint/ read/ write especially musings, and above all I like to sleep.

Educational Qualifications 
Dept. of Mgmt. Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Work Experience 
Assist Prof.,
Shiv Nadar University,
Greater Noida
I currently work here
Research Scholar and Teaching Assistant ,
DMS, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,
New Delhi
Research Scientist,
Gene Campaign, an Int'l NGO,
New Delhi
Research Scientist (IPR),
Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR),
New Delhi
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Research Interests

Dynamics of Intellectual Property,

Open Innovation Strategy,

Technology Management &Transfer,

IP linked Business Policy Research, 

Teaching Interests:

  • Entrepreneurial Management 
  • Management of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Current and Emerging Issues in Strategic Management
  • Management of Innovation 
  • Quantiative Techniques for Business Research
  • International Business


 Courses Taught/Teaching

  • Ph.D. course on IP and Innovation  
  • Executive-MBA course:
    • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Regular MBA course:
    • New Product Development & Open Innovation
    • Creativity and Innovation 
    • Management of Intellectual Property in Business
  • Undergraduate course
    • Intellectual Property Analytics and  Business Innovation
    • Digital Media and Management of IP
    • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Management
Conferences (Select): 


A. Journal Publication/s


  • Vinita Krishna and Sudhir K Jain (2020). “Measuring Collaboration in Open Innovation Practice of Pharmaceutical Firms: The Use of Survey and Patent Data, published in Journal of Intellectual Capital (ABDC ranked “B category, Imp. Factor 5.33 and Citescore 8.4), Emerald Group Publishing. 
  • Raman Dutt,Prakhar Rathi & Vinita Krishna (2020). "Novel Mixed-Encoding for Forecasting Patent Grant Duration" published  in Journal: World Patent Information(Scopus -Indexed),Elsevier ,January 2021.
  • Vinita Krishna and Sudhir K Jain (2020). “Patenting Motives of Pharmaceutical Firms: A Perspective on Changing Role of Patents and Firms’ Strategy in Business” forthcoming in International Journal of Intellectual Property Management(IJIPM), (ABDC-C rank), January21 issue.
  • Raman Dutt and Vinita Krishna (2019). “Forecasting the Grant Duration of a Patent using Predictive Analytics” published  in the International Journal of Computer Applications 178(51):1-7,(2019), USA.    DOI: 10.5120/ijca2019919398


  • Krishna Vinita and Jain, Sudhir K and Archana Chugh (2017). Renewal and Commercialization Aspects of Patent Management in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry in Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol 22, July 2017, pp 11-23(http://nopr.niscair.res.in/handle/123456789/43054).
  • Krishna Vinita and Sudhir K Jain (2015). A Study of the Maintenance of Patents by the Non-Residents in India: Insights for Strategic Management of Patents” in International Journal of Intellectual Property Management, Vol. 8, Issue 3-4, pp. 227-248(Scopus-indexed, ABDC rank C).

B. Book Chapter/s 

  • Krishna Vinita, Jain, Sudhir K. and Chugh, Archana (2016)”Changing Paradigm of Patenting Motives in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry” in 3rd International Conference on Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Strategy (MIPS16) organized by SJMSOM and NITIE.Published by Elsevier, India.
  • Krishna Vinita, Sudhir K. Jain (2015).Open Innovation: A Flexible Practice for Intellectual Property Management in Pharmaceutical Sector In Flexible Work Organizations, Part of the series Flexible Systems Management, Springer, India.
  • Krishna Vinita, Sudhir K. Jain (2012).Strategic Management of Patents in Academia in India” in the book"Intellectual Property for Development: The Emerging Paradigm", Utkarsh Prakashan, Pune.
  • Krishna Vinita “Biopiracy of Medicinal Plants in the book " Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plant", Vedams   Publishers, New Delhi,2012.
  • Krishna Vinita(2010)“Indigenous Communities and Climate Change and Inclusive Policy” in the book* "The Social, Economic and Political Elements of Climate Change Management", Publisher: Springer, Verlag, Germany.

C. Select Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings 

  • Krishna Vinita, Jain, Sudhir K and Chugh Archana (2016). ”Patent Management: A Review from the Economics and Management Perspectives presented at the National IPR Seminar conducted by Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi, December 16-17,2016.
  • Krishna Vinita, Jain, Sudhir K and Chugh Archana (2016).”Changing Paradigm of Patenting Motives in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry” in conference proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Strategy (MIPS16), organized by NITIE-IITB, July 2016.
  • Krishna Vinita and Jain, Sudhir. K (2015). “A Study of the Commercialization of Patents inPharmaceutical Sector” in conference proceedings of”GLOGIFT ’15 organized by Symbiosis University of Technology, Pune, October 22-23, 2015.
  • Krishna Vinita and Jain, Sudhir. K (2014). Compulsory Licensing: A Tool for Balancing TechnologyTransfer and Social Welfare in conference proceedings (FLE publications) of 2nd Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Law and Information Law, Cambridge, UK, July 13-15, 2015.
  • Krishna Vinita and Jain, Sudhir. K (2014). Open Innovation in Intellectual Property Management: Exploring the Flexibility Option in conference proceedings of GLOGIFT 14 & 7th International Conference on Contemporary Business 2014, Curtin University, Singapore 14-16,2014.
  • Krishna Vinita and Jain, Sudhir K(2014). Exploring the Role of Patent Data in Strategic Management of Patents in conference proceedings by Elsevier of 2nd International Conference on Management of IPR (MIPS-14) organized by IITB, Mumbai, January 31-February 02, 2014.
  • Panwar, Yashawant Dev, Krishna Vinita and Jain, Sudhir K (2012). Drugs Going Off-Patent: India’s Preparedness towards Exploiting the Business Opportunity, presented at 6th International Conference on Contemporary Business, organized by IITD-Curtin University, Australia in New Delhi, October 2012.
  • Krishna Vinita(2009).Indigenous Communities and Climate Change Policy, an Inclusive Approach,” presented and selected as one of the top 20 papers in the International Conference on Climate Change, KLIMA 2009, Germany. Published as a chapter in the book* by Springer Verlag, Berlin.
  •  Krishna Vinita(2009).A Perspective on the Adaptation and Mitigation Component of Climate Change in the national seminar on Ecological Economics held at Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, Paper published in the Proceedings of the Conference released as a book by ISEC-NIE.
  • Krishna Vinita(2011).Issues in IP Management in Higher Education in Conference on Excellence in Higher Education, organized by IITD-Edu Excellence, Delhi,

 D. Select Papers Presented in the Conferences/Seminars


  • ​Sheronika Budha Chhetri, Mansi Narang and Vinita Krishna (2019).  Poster titled “Exploring Innovation Trends through Patents Analysis:  A PESTEL Framework Based Study of India and China” presented at 7th PAN-IIM-WMC conference organized in Delhi by IIM Rohtak in December 2019.
  • Mansi Narang & Vinita Krishna (2019), “ How Entrepreneurial are Indian Universities: A Perspective through the IP Lens” from OUR presented in "National Conference in Quality Advancement and Teaching organized by NAAC at Shyamlal College, Delhi University,August 2-3,2019. 
  • Raman Dutt & Vinita Krishna (2019), Forecasting the Grant Duration of a Patent using Predictive Analytics for Business Intelligence  presented in National Conference on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence(NCMLAI) 2019,conducted by CIT and IIM Bangalore.

E. Invited Lecture/Talk

  • Talk on IPR Mgmt initiated by  ASSOCHAM and Qualcomm for launching and online platform L2P. for IP.,Delhi (20.4.21).
  • Lecture on " Repackaging your IP in Digital world" for MBA aspirants (16.01.21).
  • Lecture on Aadhar, Personal Data Bill,2019” for MBA aspirants at Career Launcher Centre, CP, New Delhi (31.01.20).
  • Lecture on “IP Research Prospects and Future in Academics” to the 11th Batch of Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-C) KIRAN –IPR, at NIE Lecture Hall, NCERT Campus, New Delhi August 29,2019. 
  • Issues in IPR Commercialization at NIT, Kurukshetra, March 2018.
  • Understanding the Economics and Management of Patents at 5th Annual IPR, Mumbai, March 2016
  • Issues in Academic Patenting in India at TERI, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2012.

F. Completed Research Project/ Reports

  • Minor Project (a part of Ph.D. coursework) “A Study of the Maintenance of Patents by Non-Residents in India", 2011 An Exploratory Empirical Analysis
  • Research Report “IPR protection to TK and Biodiversity for Public Health” (2007), a policy perspective. Published at Indian Council of Medical Research, Delhi.

1.Research Scholar Travel Grant from IITD for paper presentation at Cambridge University,UK,2015

 2.Institute Fellowship (Teaching Assistantship) as a part of Ph.D. program at IITD, 2011-2016  

3.‘Women Scientist Scholarship”for 1 year professional training in Intellectual Property Rights, 2005 (under TIFAC-DST (Govt of India) WOS “C” scheme).

4. “Indigenous Communities and Climate Change Policy,an Inclusive Approach,” paper presented in the International Conference on Climate Change, KLIMA 2009,Germany,awarded one of the top 20 papers in KLIMA 2009; later published as a chapter in the book* The Social, Economic and Political Elements of Climate Change Management" (2010) ,by Springer Verlag,Berlin.  


Name has been nominated and included in Biographee Marquis Who’s Who in the World (Science and Technology), 2011-12, New Jersey,USA.

Invited to be a Member of Editorial Board of 2 of the ABDC ranked journals of my domain( since,2018).

FDP proposal on "Innovation Management &Intellectual Property" got selected and sponsored under AICTE-ATAL Scheme(2020)..Capacity building through training of 115 Faculties across India in the given domain for 5 days involving 12 speakers (a mix of academia and industry experts).